The Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation (CHES) offers classes to support the general public as well as healthcare professionals. Community classes include CNA (Nurse Assistant Training) and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resucsitation). Healthcare professionals and health sciences students can benefit from simulation based educational experiences and renewal courses (CPR, PALS, ACLS). Check our COURSES tab.

Healthcare Professional Training

Professional teams and individuals from throughout south-central Wisconsin can participate in hands-on simulations that will help to prepare them to provide care from the basic up to the most advanced levels. Practice will include techniques, communication standards, procedures, codes, protocol and other proficiencies in a real-like and error-friendly environment. Scenarios are designed to improve technical skill, competence, confidence, and performance.

CHES offers both ongoing courses that are open for individual registration or the option to work with our Simulation Specialists to plan a scenario that is designed to meet the specific learning needs of a group. Learning space at CHES can be reserved to carry out the group training.

To register for a current ongoing course, visit our COURSES tab. To discuss an educational experience designed specifically for your group please CONTACT US.

Training for the Public

Individuals not in the healthcare profession can participate in CPR training that is in accordance with the American Heart Association current curriculum. The Nurse Assistant Training Program is also open to the general public.

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