Our Facility

The Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation (CHES) offers learning experiences that take place in a mock patient care environment. Simulation rooms are designed and equipped to replicate a multitude of environments such as a patient room in a hospital or a clinic, or a resident room of a nursing home or skilled care facility. Full sized adult, birthing mother, child, and infant mannequins can be programmed to replicate patient conditions and physiologic responses. Task trainers are used to practice specific skills and technique. Patient actors and case-based material are used in conjunction with simulated and interactive methodologies. A control room allows instructors to monitor participants and record sessions. Audio-visual equipped classrooms provide space for live feed to simulation as well as debriefing and discussion.

Courses and simulation scenarios may be tailored to the specific needs of a given organization, team, or learning level. For a list of possible scenarios, please click here. To register for one of our regular ongoing course offerings, please see our calendar. To share a course idea or to discuss how you can reserve our space and plan a simulation experience for your organization, please contact us.